I-Card Smart Business Card With NFC Technology

Installation, Maintenance and Support

I-Card Smart Business Card With NFC Technology


One of the most exciting emerging NFC applications is business cards. NFC technology transforms ordinary business cards into information-sharing opportunities that go far beyond the printed card. By placing an NFC-enabled business card in close proximity to a smartphone, you can:

Send your contact information directly to a recipient’s phone Play a demo video Download a product catalog, Download a presentation or image gallery. Launch an inquiry form or email signup form. Launch a webpage Launch a social media site Launch a map Launch an app page.

In fact, anything you can link to on the Internet is at your disposal. Since NFC business cards rely on the Internet to deliver content, you can program your cards to allow updating of linked content on the fly, so it will always be fresh. To order your own I-Card please visit us at https://icard.live one time fee of $19.99.

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