Publicall Launches I-Card App Division.

Installation, Maintenance and Support

Publicall Launches I-Card App Division.

Publicall Telecommunications (i-Card App)

We were all sitting around trying to come up with a low costs app that would allow small business owners to compete with larger more funded Companies.  The average small business owner on a budget did not have the ability to hire IT professionals or outsource the creation of a full blown Mobile App.  We ask ourselves the question?  How can we provide a business card, mobile app and a web site for a low cost but have the power and flexibility to fulfill the needs of these entrepreneurs.  We took the best features of the business card, the mobile app and a website and combined it into one product that we call iCard App.  We hope that you enjoy using this new technology, and we are excited to hear for you on how we can expand it and bring more functionality to it.

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