Month: June 2020

Installation, Maintenance and Support

I-Card Smart Business Card With NFC Technology

COMPLETELY WIRELESS JUST A TAP USES NFC One of the most exciting emerging NFC applications is business cards. NFC technology transforms ordinary business cards into information-sharing opportunities that go far beyond the printed card. By placing an NFC-enabled business card in close proximity to a smartphone, you can: Send your contact information directly to a…
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Publicall Launches I-Card App Division.

Publicall Telecommunications (i-Card App) We were all sitting around trying to come up with a low costs app that would allow small business owners to compete with larger more funded Companies.  The average small business owner on a budget did not have the ability to hire IT professionals or outsource the creation of a full…
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Publicall Inks Deal With Gowireless4u.

Like to announce that Publicall Telecommunications has entered into a partnership with GoWireless4u. Publicall will be responsible for offering GoWireless4u services in Central Florida. I strongly believe that High Speed access is needed in every community. During these trying times we have seen the inequality in certain communities throughout our country. We have been looking…
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