Installation, Maintenance and Support

Publicall Telecommunications is a certified MBE Service Provider that has been providing world-class service for over 20 years. Publicall has relationships with several Inmate Telephone Providers as well as previous relationships with AT&T, Verizon and many Fortune 500 customers. Publicall’s current inmate accounts include service to several DOC accounts, City accounts and County locations. In addition, Publicall provides service on public payphones which include Inmate accounts, City accounts, County accounts.

Experience with Large Correctional Facilities

Publicall has extensive experience working with large correctional facilities. Publicall has provided in the past service to the State of Indiana Department of Corrections, a more than 27,000-bed institution with 26 facilities

Publicall also provided support and maintenance to Massachusetts DOC, which houses more than 10,000 inmates and New Jersey DOC, which houses more than 17,000 inmates.

Services Provided

  1. Publicall maintains all aspects of the inmate telephone system, including performing all necessary repairs and preventive maintenance.
  2. Publicall is the single point of accountability. Publicall’s Manager is the State’s primary contact on a daily basis for all matters related to the operations of the Inmate Telephone system
  3. Install new telephone station equipment. Publicall schedules all implementation and cutovers to minimize downtime and perform all work as directed by the County or State.
  4. Publicall installs, services, collects, and maintain all public payphone at contracted locations.

Publicall’s software division has been creating Mobile Apps for small to medium size Associations, including HOA’s and Fraternities for the past 4 years. We have recently entered into an agreement with Gowiress4u to provide installation and maintenance of Broadband services in HOA’s, MDU’s and Colleges. We strongly believe that Broadband is lacking in certain parts of our country and we are dedicated to assist in bringing this much needed utility to each part of this country. Part of our services will be to provide training to our customers on their devices but also on how to maximize using the internet to improve their lives and their financial position. We will be offering our clients through various partnerships with content providers courses to educate them on finance, starting their own business and access to business owners and mentors.